For motivated non-technical founders.✅ Accepting new members


From app idea to startup 

We believe great ideas deserve great execution, we support you all the way even if you have no skills and a tight budget

Don't buy a 800€ logo
Don't order a 80.000€ App
Don't waste 6 months with the wrong strategy
Get your clients before spending
Don't order a 80.000€ app
Step 1: Prove your concept
Make real money before quitting
Create your dream job
Protect your idea - bring it to life




"Ideas are worth nothing without proper execution" - Steve Jobs

For motivated non-technical founders.✅ Accepting new members


From app idea to startup in a month ?

Don't buy a 800€ logo
Don't order a 80.000€ App
Don't waste 6 months
Make a profit quickly
Don't buy a 800€ logo
Step 1 = > Prove your concept
Make money before quitting your job
Create your dream job
Success is learned
Protect your idea - bring it to life

We believe great ideas deserve great execution, we support you all the way even if you have no skills and a tight budget

We build your app

    Design all

    Coach you

"Ideas are worth nothing without proper execution" - Steve Jobs

  • 1 - Free coaching call

    Let's talk about your goals, your idea and get precious insights from one of our experts right now.We will honestly tell you if we are not the most suitable partners or if we think your idea needs more brainstormingTell us your budget.... From 250€ one time to 780€ each month, we can do something for you.Book now

  • 2 - Get your Co-pilot

    He will assist you in 3 different manners:-Coaching-Product building (app, website, workflow...)-Design servicesYou pay a monthly subscription all included.Limited seats each monthYour first usable app ready in 3 weeks
    The Hp² app

  • 3 - Launch your app

    It's about growing by staying focus on your market following a proven method.You co-pilot get paid according to your success! And the more users you get the more features you can have on your app.First goal: 50 users

You are the captain.

We prepare the rocket to success butIt's your idea and always will be - protection agreement possible.

A Founder Co-pilot?

A multiskilled early stage expert that has you covered on every aspects of your project for a monthly fee.


Product creation& tech assistance

● Building a digital test to validate your idea immediately● Creating your MVP/MLP to find product-market fit asap● Managing a developer team towards growth● Creating a landing page● Drawing prototypes to show investors


Graphic design

 Everything will be stunning from the start.● Logo● Brand Kit● Prototypes,● Explainer video etc.
Just tell him/her who is your audience and your specifications.



We will together find ways to
● reach your clients,● get their attention, ● earn their trust ● keep them happy. 
Meanwhile we will explore ideas and optimize your strategy everyday.


Business model

Together we will maximise the value provided, optimize the costs, processes and build the perfect revenue model.
We like pragmatism and work with tools like BMC and use methods proven by successful entrepreneurs


Coaching & support

Being a founder is an incredible adventure, but the loneliness and the amount of work can have an impact on the motivation and therefore on the project. Investors believe in a strong & skilled leader. We will insure you get the right mindset and the right knowledge on time.

" It's like having a developer, a designer, a business consultant and a personal coach! " - Adrien D.

" ... Not only advices like usual, here they do execute! So, as a founder, you can focus on your clients and partners " - Thomas B.

How we work.

    We build with your specificationsand deliver a working version every 7 days
    WhatsApp for daily operations, questions, advicesrecommended readings etc.
    Free access to great entrepreneur tools
    Community of serious founders ready to help
    Hp² app, to set your life vision, build a plan and stick to it every day until you make it. Free with co-pilot program. Learn more


We don't just guide you,WE EXECUTE.

 Your flight plan.

A step by step proven method that will optimize your chances of success by keeping you focus on your market's need.


Stay focus on building what your users actually need and get your first clients

2 core features+ beautiful UI

● One free design●  Coaching● Free access to Hp² app

Goal = 50 users


Starts when your app is up and running.


At this stage some investors will listen to you with wide ears

4 core features+ beautiful UI

● 2 design services per month● Coaching● Free access to Hp² app

Goal = 300 users


Begins when you reach 50 users


Now on solid foundations, optimize your value and grow everyday

Unlimited features+ beautiful UI

● + 1 design service per 100 users● Coaching● Free access to Hp² app

Goal = Scale

+90€/100 users or equity

Begins when you reach 300 users

We invest

We work hand to hand to grow a beautiful profitable company

Unlimited features+ beautiful UI

● Unlimited designs● Coaching● Free access to Hp² app

You are still the Founder and your copilot works in the shadow.


We invest in your ventureAPPLY

  • Get if for FREE

    At 300 users, it's your call.You can let us invest in your venture in exchange of free membership and 100% refund.else you can resume your membership.

  • Copilot for equity

    You have a solid proof of concept? Apply to "co-pilot for equity". (during call)

  • It's still too much money for you?

    Our copilots deserve a salary... But here are some workarounds:
    Option 1: Bring a friend with a side hustle and get 20% OFF both memberships (You can start your membership today and bring your friend later)Option 2: You have a solid proof of concept? Apply to "co-pilot for equity". (during call)We will not let down any social entrepreneur/non profit projects.
    After 3 months each membership can be paused for only 190€ per month - You won't be able to update the app or accept new members until you resume your project.

To convince investors.

Alternative strategies if you don't feel ready yet to get a co-pilot or on a tight budget.#dont-let-your-idea-die

Proof of concept

A highly efficient digital test.De-risk your idea, get data, precious feedbacks and make sure you build a product people actually want.

One digital test*+ 5 iterations

Offered: 30% OFF design orders


Ready in 2 days*examples below

Interactive Prototype

Explain the concept of your app in the most comprehensible manner at the best price.

5 screens2 users flows

30% OFF design orders


Ready in 7 days



Fully functional and ready to scaleOn all devices


Landing page

Good way to present your value in a concise but extremely efficient manner.You can exchange something against some infos or an email.


Fun survey

Very smart way to transform a boring form in an agreeable experience to get a maximum of knowledge.


Explainer video

Your value proposition made clear in less than a minute.Just like Dropbox did.They got 70.000 emails over a night



If people give out their email addresses so easily, you may have a great opportunity!


Interactive prototype

For highly complex design we do an interactive prototype before the real app


Fun quiz

Very good to educate people before selling.Show the problem, explain what could be the solution, propose the solution



Fully functional and ready to scaleOn all devices


Pre-order chatbot

chatbot or a livechat.Talking directly to you customers at early stage is crucial


Fake door test

chatbot or a livechat.Talking directly to you customers at early stage is crucial



We have extensive experience and can create funnels, search ad campaigns, pre-order, pre-signup...

90% of startups fail.

  • How to do it wrong

    Most project holders start by buying a 600€ logo, registering the company, ordering a 40.000€+ app, investing in extensive business tools and take months to be ready.
    Finally, they launch! And... they flop. Nobody signs up. 😞 Or nobody cares about the features and users leave after a day.
    What happened? The target's need is misidentified, the value is poorly delivered, and it is full of bugs as a result of too many unfinished unddesired features. They finally understand they should really listen to their future clients and build with them while minimizing expenses. But it's too late; they ran out of cash, drowning under too many early expenses and not enough tangible results to get investors.
    Right way
    Your idea is only as valuable as the execution. Sad story, right? But it's very common. The right way to approach this is to validate your idea before investing a lot of time and money into it. This can be done through prototyping, and testing with a small group of users. By gathering feedback early on, you can make sure you are building something that meets the needs of your target market and has a high chance of success. Additionally, it's important to prioritize essential features and focus on delivering a minimum viable product (MVP) before adding unnecessary features. This will help to keep costs low and allow for more flexibility in making changes based on user feedback. Finally, it's important to have a solid business model in place to ensure that you have enough resources to sustain the development and growth of your product.

http://thenounproject.comThe Noun ProjectIcon TemplateRemindersStrokesTry to keep strokes at 4pxMinimum stroke weight is 2pxFor thicker strokes use even numbers: 6px, 8px etc.Remember to expand strokes before saving as an SVG SizeCannot be wider or taller than 100px (artboard size)Scale your icon to fill as much of the artboard as possibleUngroupIf your design has more than one shape, make sure to ungroupSave asSave as .SVG and make sure “Use Artboards” is checked100px.SVG

Listen to your market

Meet your target, ask open questions,create a digital test and confront your idea to the market immediately.Then you can build an MVP to find the perfect product-market fit!

Save money, stay agile

Saving money from the start is essential. It brings you the ability to pivot, react to unexpected challenges and outrun competitors.
Tips: something you want to watch closely is cash runway. And yes, even from the idea stage.

Get a skilled team

Successful entrepreneur, wear a lot of hats. When building your team, look for individuals who complement your skills.
 You can’t be an expert at everything, and will need the help of others to get the business up and running

Optimize you business model

Your mission in a nutshell: Bring a maximum of value for the maximum acceptable price to a maximum of persons at the minimum cost.
Choosing the right strategies and the right business model is crucial.

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" Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it "

Dale Carnegie

Don't let your idea die